Unleash the Champion®

From the streets of Newark, NJ, having two incarcerated parents to featured on PBS’s Emmy award-winning show, Virginia Currents. Quniana Futrell, known as “Author Q.”, is a real success story and champion for change.


Quniana captivates audiences from all over the world, from the United States to Uganda, with her straightforward and realistic methods to resilience and healing. She entices audiences of 20-20,000 to Unleash the Champion both, personally and professionally identify their power within, expose the excuses and evolve as a champion.


Quniana has been recognized by both international and local media outlets for her work.  Quniana is a captivating keynote delivering presentations for colleges, universities, corporations, associations, youth organizations, business groups, and faith-based organizations worldwide.


This proven Children’s Champion motto is; Change the Family, Change the World™.

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Unleash the Champion: Beyond Bars Edition

Beyond Bars Edition

When Quniana Futrell found herself with two parents incarcerated as a young girl, she knew one thing to be true, she wasn’t enough.  She walked around for decades feeling inadequate. Quniana isn’t alone. Currently there are approximately 1 in 14 children in the US with a parent incarcerated.  This session was designed to help teachers regain their voice and caregivers converse without confusion. Participants will learn firsthand how to:

  • Nurture these children beyond the prison bars of their parents.
  • Have non-stressful conversations around the sensitive topic of incarceration.
  • Understand the significance of their role in helping these children and families.
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Unleash the Champion: Educator Empowerment Edition

Educator Empowerment Edition

Education is the most powerful weapon in the world but educators are the ammunition. It’s good to empower children and families, but it is GREAT to keep the educators empowered.  This interactive session was designed to do just that. We will unfold the 3P’s to keeping your cool in the classroom and identify your hidden power. This session is sure to impact change within the individual educator and spark a fire toward an empowered faculty. All strategies learned in this session can be implemented immediately. Participants will walk away able to:

  • De-escalate tense classroom environments with students and parents.
  • Feel empowered to cope & have tools to handle the sometimes stressful environment of the classroom.
  • Have a greater sense of self and their impact on students they teach.
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Unleash the Champion: Leadership Edition

Leadership Edition

Leaders are often measured using an unrealistic metric system.  But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.  In the corporate space, we often believe there is only one way to be a leader. But in reality, it takes several types of leadership to make a business grow. This interactive speech will review my six proven steps to WIN in the workplace using the leadership styles that work best for you. Your natural leadership ability will be enhanced as a result of this lesson. You will develop a new meaning of the word leader in your role with your organization.  Leaders will walk away:

  • Knowing their natural leadership abilities and learn how to leverage it to get results.
  • Understand how to lead their co-workers and direct reports for the betterment of the organization.
  • Focused on how their role fits in the better picture of the company’s goals & how they can support the mission.
  • Determined to have a new found commitment to the organization and discover their purpose.
Unleash the Champion: Live F.R.E.E. Edition

Live F.R.E.E Edition

Champions are known for winning the good fight and living victorious lives.  But lets be real, sometimes life just happens. What happens when you lose your fight and cannot see beyond what you feel?  What happens when life hits you so hard and unexpectedly that you become mentally incarcerated? During this interactive speech, you will identify just how powerful you are, understand what living a F.R.E.E. life is all about and, examine key areas where evolution is needed.  You will develop a non-negotiable action plan that future generations will thank you for later.

Participants will walk away knowing how to:

  • Identify their power within
  • Forgive themselves for mistakes/missteps they have made on their journey.
  • Break free from mental incarceration and empower others to do the same.
  • Evolve as a champion no matter what cards you are dealt.
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Unleash the Champion: Student Success Edition

Student Success Edition

Everyone has experienced different walks from life. Some easier than others, but let’s be honest, aren’t we all trying to be successful? Transitioning to college can be hard. Many of your students are trying to figure out if their courses match their purpose.  During this interactive session, your students will learn firsthand how I went from not being able to get into a four-year college to now working on my doctorate degree. Your students will discover how to get laser focused about their college success while enjoying campus life.

Your students walk away from this session able to:

  • Identify their passion.
  • Discover passion and purpose over fear and doubt.
  • Understand they are resilient and learn to keep their eye on the target.
  • Rapidly adapt to their new found college life.
  • Navigate and carve out their own path in college to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.