Succeeding Against The Odds

No More Chains

Whether the links are formed by blood, marriage, or circumstances, we all have chains that shape our outlook. They determine whether we believe the world to be full of possibility or completely inhospitable. Sometimes the relationships that should be our greatest source of strength can form the chains that hold us down. Success Coach, Ari Squires has come together with ten powerhouse businesswomen who have released their chains.
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Living With Incarcerated Parents

Our Moms

Meet Michael, Paul, Jennifer and Anne! All children are different in many ways, but all have one thing in common, their moms are in prison. Parental Incarceration affects children in many ways. This book will serve as a conversation starter for such a sensitive issue that impacts nearly 3 million children in the US.

This is a powerful book that we definitely need in our communities.


Hip Hop Legend
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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble?

Champ Talk

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble in Life, Leadership and Business! Champions can’t afford to live a mediocre life, but let’s be honest life can bring many hard jabs. This book is filled with easy and simple ways to help you TKO defeat, fear and stagnation!
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